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You can purchase compounds
that you have searched for through regular searches, filtered searches, and virtual screening.

Compound order process

화합물 주문과정

1. Create a subset
You can use the various compound search functions in Chemiverse to create a user subset and request a quote for that subset.
2. Estimate
When you send a quote request for the desired subset, Chemiverse will send you a quote by calculating the availability of the compound, the quantity available (Qty.), And the price.
3. Order acceptance
Confirm the quotation you received and send your order to Chemiverse.
4. Ordering and receiving
Order is accepted after order acceptance, and compound can be received quickly.

Compound order detail description

1. Create a subset
Subset can search for compounds from normal search, filtered search, and virtual search and generate from the search results.
1.1 Add compound search results to a subset.

화합물 검색결과

There are two ways to add compound search results to a subset.

a. Add selection to subset 'button (1-1): You can add multiple compounds to a subset by selecting the desired checkboxes and clicking the button.
b. Add to Subsets button (1-2): You can add individual compounds to a subset using the buttons at the bottom of the compound you want to add
to the subset.

서브셋 목록

If you select the Add to Subset button, the above window appears.

a. If you are adding a compound to an existing subset, select the checkbox and select the 'Add' button (1-3) to add a compound.
b. To create and add a new subset, you can create a subset by selecting the Create New button (1-4) and add the compound.
2. Select a subset from the subset list and click the Request Quotation button to request a quote for the Unity inquiry.


3. Check the subset list, quotation request history and order history.
When a subset's quotation is requested, the subset is changed to 'uncontrollable' state, and modification or deletion of the subset is restricted.

견적요청 주문내역

You can find the quotation request history in 'My Page - Quote Request History' and click the name of the subset to check the details.
If you select the name of the subset, you can go to the details and forward the order through the bulletin board at the bottom and other inquiries.

내페이지_견적요청 내역확인

The order confirmation can be checked in 'My Page - Order' and the order number will be created and the status will change when proceeding
with the order.

내페이지_견적요청 내역확인2

4. We will send you a 'purchase intention' through the details board.

게시판을통해 '구매진행의사' 전달

5. Confirm your order history.
The order number will be issued and the status will change to "Order." Click the order number to view detailed information.


6. When the order is completed, the compound will be shipped.